In 2014 the Lao Ministry of Health asked HLI to focus its medical education efforts on strengthening the workforce capabilities of rural Northern District Hospitals. These District Hospitals are located in hard to reach areas with heavy UXO contamination. Because transport of patients to larger, better-equipped Provincial hospitals can take many hours, local health professionals must have up-to-date training and equipment in order to address both trauma and other medical emergencies.

To support this end, Lao’s Health Ministry and the Luang Prabang College
of Health Sciences invited Health Leadership International to join CHS as part-time faculty and integrate its primary care and emergency clinical training into the official CHS curriculum. Upon graduation, these newly-trained Medical Assistants will return to rural communities for placement in Northern District Hospitals and clinics. With enhanced training in best practices, they will be able to address emergencies, provide better medical care to their families and make their communities healthier.